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Music Education Department

The Music Education Department is in charged with the task of training and preparing music teachers for the elementary and secondary levels. Its comprehensive undergraduate curriculum trains future music teachers not only in classroom music methodologies but also in related areas like conducting, performance in piano, voice and other instruments, as well as in research. These rich music experience and studies prepare the students for the many competencies after they graduate from college, thus assuming roles as bonafide music educators.

The Master of Music major in Music Education offers a more extensive curriculum focused on such areas as administration and supervision of music schools, measurement and evaluation in music, and music education research.

In addition, the department of Music Education has its own performing groups involving not only majors in music education but in other fields as well.



Jocelyn Timbol-Guadalupe (Chair)

Ma. Sherla Najera
Janel Bauza
Daisy Valenciano

Hannah Oh
Anna Patricia Rodriguez-Carranza
Melissa Cortes-Cumpio
Elaine Espejo-Cajucom




Mariefrance Ballester