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Musicology Department

The Department of Musicology provides training in Musicology with three degree programs in the undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs are: DCPMA in Asian Music; B.M. in Musicology; and M.M. in Musicology. The department supervises courses in Western and world music literature as well as solo and ensemble performance in world music (with a strong emphasis on Asia) that are part of the curriculum of various degree programs in the college. It also offers general education courses in Philippine and world music for the non-music majors.to foster independent, critical thinking in music, the department also initiates MusiKolokya (a weekly music colloquia) at the College of Music Museum of instruments.



La Verne Dela Peña (Chair)

Jose Buenconsejo
Aga Mayo Butocan
Teresa Montes

Lilymae Franco-Montano
Kanapia Kalanduyan
Ma. Lourdes Matute
Felicidad Prudente


Ma. Patricia Silvestre Arwin Tan Vicente Ongsiako