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Piano and Keyboard Department

The Keyboard Department of the UP College of Music takes pride in its pool of gifted and accomplished pianists among its faculty and students. During its many years of existence, it has produced pianists and pedagogues that the country can be proud of. These include Angelina Reyes (a famous child prodigy before WW II), Jose Ma. Contreras, Raul Sunico, Jovianney Cruz, Aima Labra-Makk, and Albert Tiu, the last five having won prizes at international competitions. The pianist-pedagogues par excellence include Rosario Lopez-Garcia, Lucia Francisco, Serafin Magracia, Benedicta Macaisa, Jose Balingit, Perla Suaco, Aida Sanz Gonzales, Asuncion Laureola, Regalado Jose, Nita Quinto, Avelina Manalo, Mauricia Borromeo, and others.

The main objective of the Keyboard Department is to develop, to the fullest, students of superior musical talent and offer them the highest type of professional training in order that at graduation, they will be fully prepared to enter the professional field of music as solo performers or as teachers in any institution at the college or university level.

The Keyboard Department continues to pursue its vision of producing well-trained pianists by strengthening its curriculum that draws the best from its students. Noted pianist-pedagogues regularly hold masterclasses for the benefit of faculty and students.

Stringent policies regarding entrance auditions and grade requirements are enforced to maintain the highest standards of performance among its piano students. The faculty members are themselves excellent performers and artists who are dedicated and competent teachers. Keyboard department chairmen in the past include Nita Abrogar-Quinto, Regalado Jose, and Imelda Ongsiako. Carolyn Kleiner-Cheng is the current chairman.

The keyboard curriculum covers the various styles and historical periods of keyboards repertoire from all over the world. The curricula are principally intended to contribute, in a more dynamic and concentrated manner, to the development of the cultural life in the country, the preservation and intelligent enhancement of Filipino cultural heritage, and the discovery of music in a larger context of contemporary life. The major concentration courses are given on a one-on-one basis, while the academic courses are given in small classes.



Ena Maria Aldecoa (Chair)

Augusto Espino Pia Balasico Carolyn Cheng

Geraldine Gonzales
Mita Fernandez Luci Magalit Gemma Malicdem
Jourdann Petalver Richelle Rivera Armando Salarza Albert Napoleon J. Roldan