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Voice, Music Theater, and Dance Department

The Voice, Music Theater, and Dance Department provides a substantial three-pronged approach to the education of performers in the vocal and dance arts. Through the guidance and mentorship of performer-scholar faculty members who are accomplished and renowned in their fields both nationally and internationally, individualized courses in voice and dance technique provide a solid foundation in performance. Within optimum class sizes, literature courses delving into performance practice, style, and historical knowledge support and frame artistic expression. Finally, in classes which provide ample performance opportunities, both technical and expressive capabilities are demonstrated. The department boasts of two National Artists (Jovita Fuentes and Andrea Veneracion) who have been on the faculty, as well as alumni who have made and continue to make names in the world's stages.



Ramon Acoymo(Chair)

Alegria Ferrer
Fides Asensio
(Emeritus Professor)
Jonathan Velasco

Rainier Arthur Cruz
Katherine Molina
Ma. Cecilia Valeña
Maria Carmila Molina




Rica Nepomuceno