The Library of the College

The Conservatory of Music was created as one of the units of the University of the Philippines by Republic Act 2623 on February 4, 1916. It opened on September 4, 1916. From that time until the latter part of 1924, there was no music library to speak of. It was not until about 1925 when the UP Conservatory of Music Library was first organized.


The growth and development of the library was rudely interrupted by World War II. The biggest push to the growth of the Library was made in 1954 when the U.P. Board of Regents recommended for its rehabilitation. The re-organization of the library was undertaken by its newly appointed librarian, Professor and Former Dean Ruby K. Mangahas.


Organizationally, the Music Library is an integral part of the University of the Philippines Library System. As such, it is under the direct control and supervision of the University Librarian, as are other library units in the entire system. Administratively, it is a department of the College of Music deriving sustenance for its support, equipment and supplies, and student assistants. Its policies are guided by the rules and regulations of the University Library.


The Conservatory of Music was elevated to the stature of a College in August 1968.


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Head Librarian
College of Music Library
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University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City
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