Dr. David Urrows Meets U.P. Music Scholars

Dr. David Urrows, a music historian based in Hong Kong, visited the College of Music on May 19, 2017 to assist U.P. music scholars, Asst. Prof. Arwin Q. Tan and Instructor Mahler Villanueva, in determining the authenticity of primary music sources. In the short consultation, he scrutinized parts of the original manuscripts of Jose Estella’s “missing” Filipinas Symphony, regarded as the first symphony written by a Filipino which was first performed in 1928. The manuscript is still incomplete and will need extensive reconstruction. The manuscripts were obtained from the Jose Estella collection, bequeathed by his family to the U.P. College of Music Library.

Also in the meeting was Dr. José S. Buenconsejo, Dean of the College of Music, who announced to Dr. Urrows the upcoming publications of the college under the Emerging Interdisciplinary Research project funded by the OVPAA: Philippine Modernities: Music, Performing Arts, and Language, 1880s-1941 and Saysay Himig: A Sourcebook on Philippine Music History, 1880-1941. Dr. Urrows received the 3-CD anthology of transcultural Filipino music, also entitled Saysay Himig, which are the accompanying recordings of the illustrated history sourcebook. The meeting ended with a short visit to the Jose Estella and the de Kromme Collections.