The Music Education Department, in partnership with the PAUW-UP Child Study Center (PAUW-UP CSC) staged its Musical Culminating Activity entitled "Hiraya: Ang Paglalakbay" last October 29, 2015, at the UP College of Music Abelardo Hall Auditorium. There were two stagings of the show, one at 9 am for the morning classes and another at 11:30 am for the afternoon classes. The Auditorium, both shows full house with parents, children, and teachers of PAUW-UP CSC , and students and faculty from the Music Education Department, showcased colorful set designs by the Preschool Practicum student-teachers paired with the colorful costumes of the PAUW-UP CSC students featuring traditional wear and modern clothing of people from representative countries featured in the musical play.

The story centers on Lourdes, a child who prefers to play games all day on her tablet device. Her mother is worried that she does not get the full life a child should be getting - which should also include physical outdoor play, meeting children her age, reading age-appropriate books, and a good night’s sleep. As she falls asleep on her tablet, she is transported into a vision, a hiraya, with children her age who show her the beauty of the world through songs.

The story was written by the Music Ed 116 students AY 2015-2016, as inspired by two things: first, the worldwide celebration of the United Nations Day, and second, the realities they see in the misuse and abuse of technological advances by the generation of today. The songs that the PAUW-UP CSC children performed are various folk songs from all over the world plus original compositions, all as arranged according to the musical capabilities and needs of preschool-aged children.

"We thank the UP College of Music - Music Education Department for the continuing partnership with us. (We hope for a) stronger partnership in the future." said Teacher Tina Evangelista, Consultant of the PAUW-UP CSC. With positive responses about the show, both from the PAUW-UP CSC teachers and staff and the Music Education faculty, it is hoped to have a continuing partnership between the two institutions as PAUW-UP CSC has been the laboratory school of the Music Education Department for its Preschool Music Education program, currently handled by Ms. Anna Patricia Rodriguez, lecturer from the Music Education Department.