By Pauline Arejola, Student Teacher MuEd135 17 April 2017


Every semester, the Music Education Department of the UP College of Music (UPCMu) produces a culminating activity for the High School Music Practicum course. . This semester, with Quirino High School in Project 3, Quezon City as its laboratory school, the Music Education 135 (MuEd 135) Practicum students ended the course with a successful program entitled “MOA: Music of Asia”, held last March 29, 2017.

After months of lesson planning and delivery of these lessons, integrating preparation and practice for the Culminating Program, the different classes of the twelve student-teachers of MuEd 135, were able to showcase a diverse repertoire of Asian songs. Each section from different levels of the Quirino High School was handled by one student teacher who employed the many learned methods of teaching music, such as Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Integrative Cooperative, to a class of approximately forty (40) high school students. The student-teachers were able to bring out the creativity and musicianship from their students through singing, dancing, doing body percussion, improvising, and playing instruments like recorders, keyboard, guitar, and various percussion. Every student was actively involved in the process of music making. It was indeed a ‘musicking’ experience for both the student teacher and the Quirino High School students.

 “Doing my practicum in QHS let me enjoy and experience the difficulty [of] real-lfe teacher situations but at the same time, let me learn to value relationships more than the content of what I’m teaching.”– Rhys Plopinio, student-teacher of Grade 7, Gumamela

Highlights of the program includes performances made by students of Special Education (SPED) Classes, as they were handled with care by student teachers Kim Galang and Carla Fajardo.

It is surreal for me to have had the chance to teach music to the deaf. I am so grateful that I [took up sign language lessons before; this greatly helped me in getting across my intentions to my students. Most of all, I am really proud of my students for being able to perform and deliver well.” – Kim Galano, student-teacher of Grade 9, SPED

“Teaching the Quirino High School students [was] memorable for me and I hope [all] of my students will remember that music has meaning and value and we should treasure each other and continue learning, dreaming and playing music.” – Carla Fajardo, student-teacher of Grade 9, Moonstone

Astounding additions to the program were the two special numbers from our invited performing groups, UP Tugtugang Musika Asyatika (UP Tugma), who specializes in Asian music, and Limguhit, a newly formed group who explores the fusion of Philippine and Asian music. Bringing an actual performance of Asian Music to the Quirino High School students somehow expanded the horizon of their musical experience. It is not everyday they get to listen to, and see actual Asian music instruments being played in front of them. This immersion is a gift to the students of Quirino High School.

Growing up with no real knowledge about the public school system, teaching at one has been an eye opening experience for me.”– Kelbert Sinfuego, student-teacher of Grade 8, Maka-Diyos

The culminating program concluded with the performance of “Mabuhay Ka, Pilipino” (composed by Dante Beriong and arranged by Nick Pacis) by the Quirino High School Glee Club, together with the MuEd 135 student-teachers. Student teacher JP Fino, who handled the Quirino HS Glee Club. conducted the number.

Diversity can be a tool to musical creativity. Music is not limited to anyone. The boundaries to which we set our limits could be limitless. In this context, a boundary is an imaginary line where one thing ends and another begins. This is the point where two ideas meet. For the Quirino High School students, this could be the point where a dream crosses reality. The boundaries of our students’ capabilities depend on the depth of the teacher’s faith in his or her students.

The valuable collaboration between the Music Education 135 course under the careful supervision and mentorship of Prof. December Ragragio- Valenciano, and the Quirino High School MAPEH Coodinator Ms. Emerenciana S. Vargas, is an expanding relationship fostering a truly learning avenue for the student-teachers who are taking their first steps as Music teachers. The program continues through the support of Dr. Levita U. Ramos. Principal of Quirino High School QC, Quirino High School MAPEH Faculty, Prof. Joy T. Guadalupe. Chair of the Music Education Department. UPCMu. and Dr. Jose S. Buenconsejo. Dean of UP College of Music.