On November 13, 2015, the Music Education Department of the University of the Philippines-Diliman College of Music held its culminating activity entitled Musika at Sining Ipagbunyi Natin in the school grounds of Krus na Ligas Elementary School. Student-teachers from the Music Education Department showcased the talents of their students whom they have been teaching since July 2015.

It was a day of singing, dancing, playing of instruments, and music-making. The school grounds was buzzing with the excitement of the day’s presentations. Classes of the sections involved were cancelled for them to watch the presentations of other sections. Many students were visibly anxious as many of them will be performing for the first time infront of an audience. A total of 17 sections from the grade levels 3 and 6 performed songs based on the theme, “sariling atin”. The repertoire involved Filipino popular songs and folk songs arranged to suit the musical capabilities of grade school students.

The event started at 8 in the morning. The programme was commenced through the singing of the Philippine National Anthem by the student-teachers. It was followed by the opening remarks of Mrs. Catabay, a faculty of the school. After that, it was time for the most-awaited class presentations. Teachers were very proud and happy as many of them did not expect their students to possess such musical talents. Some enthusiastic parents were also allowed to enter the school to watch the presentations of their sons and daughters. Students were entertained and encouraged to make more music as they reacted positively to the student-teachers’ renditions of Sa Kabukiran and Filipino Christmas carol medley. The event with the Closing Remarks of Mrs. Cabrera, Professor Valenciano, and Professor Bauza.

The said event was made possible with the help of Mrs. Cabrera, head of the MAPEH Department. She has been entertaining practicumers from the UP College of Music to teach the music subject in KNLES for years. Professors from the UP College of Music, Prof. Janel Bauza and Prof. December Valenciano, were also key persons in the success of the event as they are the mentors and advisers of the student-teachers under the MuEd 125 class. It is with hope that the Filipino youth will become more proud of our own songs and musical talents.