Written by Catherine C. Rañola

The Music Education Department of the UP College of Music held its yearly culminating activity in Quirino High School last March 10, 2016 at 8 in the morning. The activity was entitled Musikapistahan with the theme “Love and Appreciation for Music”. It is an event showcasing the musical talents of high school students taught by student-teachers taking up the course MuEd 135: Music Education Practicum in the High School, a course under the guidance and supervision of Prof. December Ragragio-Valenciano.

Musikapistahan opened with the Philippine National Anthem led by the student-teachers. The head of the MAPEH Department of Quirino High School, Ms. Emerenciana Vargas, welcomed the audience with her Opening Remarks. Afterwards, Prof. Valenciano gave a short talk about concert etiquette, a knowledge which cannot be learned inside the walls of a classroom. The young audience learned about the respect given to performers and the proper behavior shown when watching concerts.

Finally, the performances of the high school students from Grades 7 to 9 followed. The song repertoire, ranging from English and Filipino popular music to popular musical plays, was chosen to fit the theme of the activity. Dancing, acting, puppetry and playing of instruments were also incorporated into the song numbers to make the class performances livelier and catchier to the audience. These other elements also integrated the subjects Physical Education and Arts. The performers were nervous at first as they waited for their turns to perform onstage but it was evident that they did their best to make their section’s performances something to be proud of. Worth noting were the smiles on the students’ faces as they exited the stage. The Quirino High School Glee Club and the Quirino High School Hip Hop Dance Group performed as guests during the intermission. They were also received well by the audience.

The activity ended at around 11 am. By the end of the programme, it was apparent that the event was a success. The audience really enjoyed the performances. They cheered a lot for their music student-teachers in their rendition of Tagumpay Nating Lahat. A positive response was also received by the music student-teachers from the faculty of the MAPEH Department of Quirino High School.

The event was very meaningful for the student-teachers. Here are some of their insights regarding the culminating activity:

The culminating activity surpassed my expectations for the performers or the students. Majority of the performers took it seriously and thus everyone had very remarkable performances. It takes a lot of confidence to be able to stand and perform in front of a crowd, no matter how talented you are. And with that, I'm honored and grateful to see the students performed confidently on the stage and with smiles on their faces.” - Ms. De Vera

I am happy that I was able to give my students the opportunity to experience performing music onstage. When I saw the enthusiasm and effort that my students gave for their performance, I was reminded of the reason why I teach music. The preparation was tedious but everything was worth the effort and sacrifice.” - Ms. Rañola.

I was happy for everybody, the students, fellow student-teachers and cooperating teachers. We all did well. We didn't expect to have a very good performance but it all went well. I learned a lot from everyone. I hope others can experience this in the future.” - Mr. Hernandez.

I believe that the students were challenged by this activity but then everyone gave their best. Their potential as musicians was shown.” - Ms. Rodriguez.

Teaching high school students was really a challenge for me. I had to be strict but at the same time, very approachable. I had to manage the class in a right way or else it will be a problem. Despite these challenges, in the end, it was so fulfilling to see my students perform what you taught them. Though their performances were not perfect, it was a success for us because we enjoyed our rehearsals and performances. And I think, this is one of the most important things for a student to experience, being able to enjoy learning.” - Ms. Topico.

Teaching high school students especially students from Quirino High School was challenging and yet fulfilling. As a music teacher, having them perform on stage did not only let them showcase their hidden talents but it allowed them to portray and relay the true message of music: Music makes us (and will always make us) true humans -- and a true human sends love and peace to all.” - Ms. Nery

The culminating activity, though was generally rushed, was a success. The goal of the teachers, which was to bring out the inner musicians of the students, was achieved on stage and was really worth the applause of the audience. It was truly a celebration of love and appreciation for music evident in everyone’s excitement and joy for the program.” - Ms. Camua

The event was made possible through the much appreciated and invaluable support given by Prof. Valenciano, and the faculty of Quirino High School especially the MAPEH Department headed by Ms. Vargas. It is with great hope that future partnership with Quirino High School be continued to ensure the musical growth of students and to train and nurture our future music teachers. Cheers to more music-making!