Research Dissemination

The UP College of Music has always been the pioneer and leader in the field of music research in the country


Since its inception, the College has produced basic knowledge of Philippine music from essays by Francisco Santiago, Antonio Molina, judge Norberto Romualdez, journalist Alfredo Roa, and even by Nicanor Abelardo before WWII. This initial impetus to understand Philippine music later grew to the monumental comparative ethnomusicological researches by Dr. Jose Maceda (the founder of ethnomusicology in the country), music historian Dr. Corazon Dioquino (whose works, along with her students, Asuncion and Emmanuel Laureolas and Helen Samson, on Philippine music bibliography have been seminal), and later by composer-musicologist Dr. Ramon Santos.


At the present moment, the College, through its graduate programs (masteral and doctoral), has continued cultivating knowledge of Philippine music, this time broadening into uncharted areas in Philippine culture such as popular music and mass media. Because of postcoloniality, Philippine music and that of Southeast Asia have been the main foci of the College's intellectual inquiry. These current researches are disseminated through the following events:




Annual Professorial Lectures

Music-culture Workshops