Arwin Tan presents paper in UP Extension Program Colloquium

  • Assistant Prof. Arwin Tan, current coordinator of the College's Extension Program, presented a paper titled "Nurturing the Filipino Youth towards the Culture of Excellence" in the recently concluded campus-wide colloquium held in the UP Diliman College of Social Work and Development last 7 February 2014. The event brought together officials of UP Diliman and heads of the diverse Extension Program Units in UP Campus. Asst Prof Tan discussed the vision, mission, goals, history of the music extension program that has existed since 1968, offering non-degree courses that entail individual and small group instruction on music instrument performance, music theory, and so on. The uniqueness of the College's program lies in this studio-type teaching that inculcates deep appreciation to fine art music among its enrollees who are mostly pre-collegiate non-degree students. Arwin continued to emphasize that the program has also been generating employment for music teachers and income that supports the College through scholarships, concert finance, and so on. Congrats Prof. Tan! In the colloquium, the College was represented by Asst. Professor Gemma Malicdem who isa a member of the University Council Committee on Extension Service. Prof. Malicdem was part of the Planning Committee of the said university-wide colloquium.


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