Faculty Concert Series

The Abelardo Hall Concert Series Showcases Culture, Heritage and Diversity of Filipino Artists


The U.P. Abelardo hall is one of the oldest concert halls in the country. Completed on August 24, 1963, the auditorium was built jointly by the United States Agency for International Development and the University of the Philippines. Its main purpose was  to provide a meeting place for all those who love to listen to  fine music composed by Filipino and international composers interpreted by  local  and visiting artists. 


As evidenced by the great works of Filipino masters, Philippine music evolved mirroring Filipino practices, and traditions, while showcasing diverse culture and heritage. Inherent in Filipino culture are music professing love for country, expressing passion for freedom, reflecting romantic and hopeless love, honoring nature, and showing  devotion to  beliefs.


Filipino artists integrate in their repertoire, even in  international arena, the uniqueness of Filipino music spread to all kinds of musical forms, from the folk songs to the kundiman, religious music, Filipino sarsuela, Filipino vaudeville, Filipino opera, world music, protest songs, and the more popular Original Pilipino Music (OPM).


The above works enrich Filipino music and cultural heritage. After thousands of recitals and concerts performed, the Abelardo Hall continues   to showcase Philippine diversity in music; with it, the excellence of Filipino artists.

Almost half century hence, the U.P. Abelardo Hall Auditorium  has stood the test of time. For the academic year 2012-2013, we offer the public selected programs to be performed by faculty and alumni and distinguished friends in the field.

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