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The UP College of Music Extension Program (UP-CMEP) is a non-degree program of study that offers a set of music courses with the goal of providing comprehensive musicianship for youth, adults, musicians, and music educators who are not officially enrolled in the College of Music degree offerings. The program develops musicianship skills through one-on-one learning of music instruments and other related areas of music experience.

The program promotes musicianship through learning how to play a number of music instruments (e.g., piano, violin, voice, rondalla instruments, wind and percussion) and other music related areas of concentration (e.g., choral conducting, solfege, music theory, song writing, and vocal arranging). Due to popular demand, the UP-CMEP is offered three times in a school year (i.e., first semester, second semester, and summer term). Contingent on the nature of the course offering, classes are either conducted under a "one-on-one" learning environment, in cluster (i.e. groups of four), or in a classroom type of setting.

The beginning of UPCMEP can be traced back to the time of former Dean Eliseo Pajaro in school year 1967-68. In 1967, classes were held on Saturdays for upgrading skills of forty music teachers in the Department of Education. In 1968, 104 children were admitted to the program. The succeeding dean of the college, Dr. Ruby K. Mangahas (1969-1977), continued on with the Extension Program for children. During Dean Ramon Santos (1978-1988), the Extension Program diversified into three areas: 1) Comprehensive Preparatory Music Program for Children, 2) Continuing Education for Music Teachers, and 3) Band Program. From 1994 to present, Dean Ramos (1988-1997) and the deans after him, Profs Rey Paguio and Mauricia Borromeo and Dr. Ramon Acoymo, continued on with the program.


Continuing Education for Music Teachers


The UP College of Music has offered a continuing education for Filipino music teachers in the 1980’s to supplement the training provided by higher education institutions. Recent trends in the study and pedagogy of music education in the international level include multicultural music education. Local educational reforms in the Philippines have also resonated these cultural developments through the K+12 curriculum. Thus, the continuing education program for Filipino music teachers is being revived in response to these developments.


This post baccalaureate summer certificate program is a three-summer program designed to address the need for music teachers to enhance their musical growth and teaching competencies. Such growth will have an impact in the quality of music teaching and learning across the country. A certificate of completion will be given at the end of the program to participants who have completed the three levels of training. 


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