Vicente Ongsiako

Chinese Music Lecturer, Department of Musicology
College of Music, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Phone: (632)


Vicente Ongsiako teaches at different Chinese Schools. He plays all kinds of Chinese Instruments, composes, arranges, and conducts Chinese Orchestra. Mr. Ongsiako founded KIm Hwa Chinese Music Ensemble. This group consists of 5 members, namely: his wife (who plays keyboard, two daughters (Tanya and Maryann), and his nephew (James) who play Chinese bamboo flute. The Kim Hwa Music Ensemble specializes in traditional, modern, and Classical Chinese music. Their performances can be viewed at (search Ongsiako). They perform on happy occasions like wedding, birthdays, inauguration, baptismal, Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival, and so on.