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MusiKolokya: Explorations into Music and Power

  • Culminating Activity of MUS 399 (SEMINAR IN MUSIC ii) with Professor Jonas Baes, PhD


    Josefina B. Antonio*
    Nathan V. Manimtim**
    Rosalia G. Dim***

    5:00 PM, Monday,
    1 December 2014
    Museum of Instruments
    UP College of Music

    - Free Admission -

    *Towards a Practice of Music Therapy in the Philippines

    Aside from its aesthetic value, Music has been recognized as a therapeutic means to improve behavioral disorders. It has been accepted and practiced in the West as well as in some parts of Asia. There still seemed to be a lack of public awareness in the Philippines as regard the practice due to a lack of certified Music Therapy practitioners in the country. It was just recently when it was introduced to the Philippines as a profession by a US – based Music Therapist who visited Manila and conducted seminar- workshops on Music Therapy.

    This paper seeks to examine the practice of Music Therapy by providing a clear definition of the area, and how it has been perceived in the West and Asia. It also intends to look into how Music Therapy has started to thrive and flourish in the Philippines.

    **Subcontracting Guitar Makers: Case Study of a Pampanga Backyard Guitar Shop

    This paper is a critique of the practice of subcontracting vis-à-vis thriving backyard guitar making industry in Brgy. San Antonio, Guagua, Pampanga. Local companies in the Philippines, mostly in the line of production including music shops, usually get support from subcontractors to meet their high production demands and, sometimes, for their own cost-cutting policies. In previous years, companies started subcontracting small manufacturers including the backyard industries. In fact, music stores found in the big malls as well as small music shops in Raon, Quaipo and Sta. Mesa in the city of Manila are subcontracting the backyard guitar makers of Brgy. San Antonio, Guagua, Pampanga. Subcontracting backyard guitar makers have positive and negative effects: although it benefits the community and continuously provides additional jobs to the local residents of the barangay, it also creates problems that affect the quality of the guitars, destroy the credibility of the luthiers, as well as demoralize them.

    ***Power Structure and Motivational Implications in Baptist Bible Church Choir

    The study provides an investigation on the power structure and motivational implications in the BaptistBibleChurch choir. Choirs are social groups or organizations and require management of their operations and processes. Politics is the way leaders relate to one another and to others in exercising authority and determining the way things will be done in choir. There will be a need for clear direction so that the choir members working together cooperate well with the director towards the same goal which is to produce good music. These needs are met through leaders who assist in giving direction, organization, accountability, and responsibility. This paper aims at presenting a mixed method research developed in Baptist Bible Church Choir. As a methodology, it involves philosophical assumptions that guide the direction of the collection and analysis of data and the mixture of qualitative and quantitative approaches . Implications for the study include the significance and motivation of the choir.


    Ang musiKolokya (dating kilala bilang Music Colloquia) ay tagpuan ng mga mag-aaral, guro, mananaliksik, manlilikha, artista, kritiko at manunulat sa musika. Layon ng tagpuan ang pagpapalitan ng mga ideya at pananaw tungo sa pagpapayaman ng kaalaman sa musika, kultura at lipunan. Ang mga diskusyon, bagama’t malalim ay impormal at kaayaya. Ang tagpuan ay bukas para sa lahat. Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, tumawag sa telepono bilang 981-8500 lokal 2635 o magpadala ng e-mail kay Dr. Verne dela Peña, Tagapangulo ng Departamento ng Musikolohiya, sa

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