• Last October 9, the College Secretary's Office (represented by college secretary Prof. Gemma Malicdem, student records officer Mrs. Connie Rongavilla, and administrative assistants Ms. Ely Rose Saban and Ms. Amihan Isunza), some members of the faculty, the College Student Council representatives, and the music students of the UP College of Music assembled at the Rey T. Paguio Hall to discuss pertinent university and college rules.

    To facilitate academic-related transactions and the fulfillment of different program requirements, the students were re-orientated with, as well as informed of new, university and college rules concerning the formal letter format, program of study, grading system, delinquent scholastic standing, residency, maximum residency rule, new computerized registration system modules, new recital checklist, and attendance in classes among others.

    At the latter part of the event, an open forum was held. Taking into consideration the concerns which were raised by some faculty and students, the procedure for filing of the recital checklist was further revised (as approved by Dean Jose Buenconsejo) to take effect in the 2nd semester of schoolyear 2014-2015. The College Secretary’s Office, in partnership with the College Student Council, hopes to continue updating the students about important academic matters through similar events in the future.

  • # 1 – (From right) Prof. Jocelyn Timbol-Guadalupe, chair of the Music Education Department, with the music students.


  • #2 - (From right) College Secretary Prof. Gemma Malicdem leads the forum with student records officer Mrs. Connie Rongavilla and Ms. Amihan Isunza.

  • #3 -  (From left) College Secretary Prof. Gemma Malicdem, Mrs. Connie Rongavilla, and the music students at the forum last October 9.

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