Freshmen Music Majors Welcomed at the College

  • The UP College of Music Student Council organized this year’s Freshmen Welcome Assembly on August 4, 2015 at the Abelardo Hall Auditorium. This was made after the welcome program spearheaded by the Chairs of the departments and the Administration Office on an earlier date. They gave the freshmen the opportunity to get to know their fellow young musicians and some practical information to help the latter adjust well in their journey as a music major.


    The program started with two introductory videos on the eight different departments (featuring current students) and on life in the college of music (including school work, room reservations, school administration and staff). To encourage the freshmen to take a more active role as a student and as a member of a community, the different student organizations were then given ample time to present the nature of their respective organizations. After this, an introduction to academic program requirements were taken up and this included the General Education subjects, electives, and major subjects. Best practices on how to excel in these subjects were also shared. A game, an orientation on student services, some announcements, an afternoon snack, and a fellowship completed the event.

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