Music is Fun Workshop by Dr. Bethel Schnitzlein at the Abelardo Hall Auditorium

  • Last September 18, 2015, a total of 129 participants attended the Music is Fun Workshop by Dr. Bethel Schnitzlein at the Abelardo Hall Auditorium.
  • Dr. Schnitzlein is a former faculty of the University and is presently a certified counselor from Germany and a member of the American Music Therapy Association. The workshop participants included 30 music education students from the Music Education Department, 7 students from the UP College of Music, 12 students other colleges such as the UP College of Education and Home Economics, and 69 music education majors and MAPEH majors from the Adventist University of the Philippines. Also in attendance were 12 teachers from the Philippine Montessori Center, Miriam College, Keys Montessori, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Infant Jesus Academy, Temple Hill School, Explorations, and Berea School.
  • The interactive and creative music sessions integrated music through singing, movement and dance, improvisation with character development. The free workshop was organized by the Music Education Department led by Prof. Jocelyn T. Guadalupe, chair, and the Junior Music Educators' Guild led by Ms. Via Tabayoyong, president, in cooperation with the Office of the Dean in celebration of the UP College of Music's 99th year and the Music Education Department's 48th year anniversary.
  • The teacher participants were given certificates of attendance at the end of the half-day workshop.

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