Giving the audience a very good glimpse of her new book Dangerous Mediations: Youtube and Pop Music in a Philippine Prison Video (Bloomsbury Academic: New York, forthcoming 2018), Dr. Aine Mangaoang,  a Fil-Irish musicologist at University of Oslo, Norway, stressed the significant role that popular music has been playing at the Cebu Provincial Rehabilitation and Detention Center (CPRDC) at a guest lecture at the UP College of Music on May 24, 2017.





She began the lecture by showing the CPRDC inmates’ dance performance of Michael Jackson’s popular song Thriller as posted on Youtube in 2007 which became viral later on. She said that according to Warden Byron Garcia, he was tasked by his sister, former Mayor Gwen Garcia, to improve the conditions in prison. Warden Garcia came up with “responsive rehabilitation” and used pop music to keep the prisoners’ body fit and to help maintain the discipline within the correctional facility at the same time. However, this strategy resulted to not only health benefits for the inmates and order within the prison but also to mandatory monthly live performances in the detention center which were open to the public and tourists, turning CPDRC as a “very real site for music and dance entertainment.”






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