Rey Ki, Chinese Filipino entrepreneur, frames Philippine sheet music from 1890s

  • Inspired by the effort of the College of Music library in preserving rare Philippine music manuscripts and prints, Chinese Filipino entrepreneur Rey Ki framed the covers of original Philippine music prints of "Jours de Retraite" (Suite of Valses) and "Los Ciclistas" (Tanda de Valses) by Jose A. Estella (1870-1943) and donated these to the College on 10 December 2014. The extant prints are from late 1890s and are a proof to the vibrant cultural life in Manila at a time when Filipino popular music culture thrived because of the dissemination and replication of local music prints. Jose Estella, along with Julio Nakpil, were prime movers of Philippine sheet music culture from the period. Both were cultural innovators in the field of music and carved a path that the next generation of composers--Abelardo and Santiago--followed. The circulation of popular music ushered in the elevation of kundiman song to art in 1920s.


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