Students, teachers, and administration staff of the College partook of a solidarity meal on 1 September 2015, marking the beginning of the College’s 99th year. As per tradition, first week of September is termed “College Week” annually for it commemorates the foundation of the institution on 4 September 1916. Among the first students of the UP Conservatory in 1916 were pianist Lucia Francisco, vocal artists Paz Guidote and Petrona Ramos and composers Nicanor Abelardo and Francisco Santiago, the latter of who became the first Filipino to have gotten a doctorate in the science of music composition.


The UP Conservatory of Music was elevated to college status in 1968 during the short term of Dr. Eliseo Pajaro, another doctoral graduate in music. Since 1916, the UP College of Music has trained some of the best musicians in the country such as Rodolfo Cornejo, Oscar Yatco, Luis Valencia, Antonino Buenaventura, Bernardino Custodio, Juan Hernandez, Lucio San Pedro, Sergio Esmilla, Redentor Romero, Rey Paguio, Carminda de Leon, Mauricia Borromeo, Andrea Veneracion, Evelyn Mandac, Noel Velasco, Raul Sunico, Ramon Santos, Francisco Feliciano, Ryan Cayabyab, Josefino Toledo, and many other outstanding musicians.


This week, the Student Council has planned the following activities:


September 1 - Solidarity Meal

Venue and time: Annex Bldg., 12nn

September 2 - Freshie Show, 2:30 p.m.  and Bb. G-Clef, 4Pm

Venue and time: Abelardo Hall Auditorium 


September 3 - Sporstsfest, AHA Lobby 3-6 p.m.

September 4 -

Teaching Demonstrations, Music Education Department

9 – 12 nn


Movie Night

5-9 pm

Venue and time: Abelardo Hall Auditorium


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