U.P.Music Historians visit Fernando Canon's Resting Place

  • On the eve of the 117th commemoration of Philippine independence on June 11, 2015, Dean Jose S. Buenconsejo of the College of Music,togehter with young music historian, Prof.Arwin Tan and incoming Phd in Music student, Ms. Edelquinn Beltran, paid reverence to one of the "brains of the nation," Rizal's friend from Childhood who bravely brought the first few copies of Noli Me Tangere to the Philippines, General Fernando Canon. Accompanying them to their historic visit to the Musoleo de los Veteranos dela Revolucion were Canon's granddaughter, Mrs. Ma. Teresa Clotilde Canon-Garcia and her husband, Mr. George Garcia. Fernando Canon was a scientist, poet, guitarist, and secretary of the UP Conservatory of Music in its early years.


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