Dr. Ma. Luisa Camagay shares research with PhD Music students

  • Noted social historian on 19th century Manila, Prof. Dr. Ma. Luisa Camagay, conversed with students in the PhD music program in the College on Thursday 13 June 2013. Prof. Camagay began her presentation about the importance of doing social history, which recuperates the voices of marginalized people in society, voices that are otherwise, rendered voiceless by political and diplomatic histories of the elites. She recounted her exposure to French Annales School particularly Fernand Braudel. This inspired her to deal with society in Manila in 19th century, particularly on working women: from tobacco workers to school teachers. Prof. Camagay also narrated her unpredicatable experience with doing work at the Philippine National Archives which contains a vast store of documents from the 19th century. Her talk was part of the Music-Culture Workshop Series in the College, which is designed for sharing the craft of academic research.


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