MusiKolokya: Contemporary Music in the Marcos Years First of a Series

  • Friday, Nov 21, 2014
    4:00 pm
    Museum of Musical Instruments
    UP College of Music

    Jose Maceda / Ading (1978): 
    a critical dialogue
    by Jonas Baes, PhD

    In the last few years leading to his untimely demise in May 2004, Jose Maceda had continued to work on new musical pieces, while finding every opportunity to discuss his ideas especially with his closest colleagues. While theories of musical systems in Asia and his notions of a new musical renaissance were the recurrent themes of these discussions, this opened the opportunity for Jonas Baes to dialogue with him about his work along the lines of the author’s growing interest in social theory, in relation to the realities of Philippine society, then already plunged into the global political economy and the neo-fuedal world order. This paper "crystallizes" those last dialogues with Maceda, giving focus on what Baes refers to as the apotheosis of his creative work: Ading (1978).

    Ramon P. Santos / Panaghoy sa Isang Bayaning Pinaslang(1983): 
    grasping the heroic 
    by Verne de la Peña, PhD

    Verne de la Peña situates Panaghoy sa isang bayaning pinaslang (Lamentation for a slain hero) within the social drama of the momentous year of 1983 when historical processes unfolding on the national stage converged with exigent personal circumstances in the life of the composer. The piece, composed by Ramon Santos in honor Ninoy Aquino a week after the latter’s assassination, frames the poetry of the late senator entitled Faith. It was performed at the Abelardo Hall later that year attended by no less than Cory and Noynoy – the two future unlikely presidents of the Republic. Noynoy takes part in its performance as the reader, taking the place of the fallen poet. The paper presents a study in liminality.

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