The UP Tiklado is an organization in the University of the Philippines College of Music comprised of piano performance students and professors aiming for musical and performance excellence with the mission to share and promote classical piano music to the listening public.




The UP Composers of New Music (CONEMUS) is an organization of student-composers at the University of the Philippines College of Music. Conceived in 1997 and formally organized in 1998, this pool of composers is committed to the development and dissemination of 21st century contemporary Art Music of the Philippines. This group is set to advance “New Music” within and beyond the confines of the Academe through audio CD productions, workshops, symposia, outreach concerts, and lectures of a primarily academic nature.



TUGTUGANG MUSIKA ASYATIKA, or TUGMA is a student organization and the performing arm of the College of Music's Musicology Department. The organization performs and holds workshops to promote Asian music and culture to the Filipino community, as well as raise the banner for indigenous Filipino music to the global audience. The organization currently holds ensemble rehearsals for Southern Philippine kulintangan, Cordillera gong and bamboo music, Indonesian gamelan, Chinese sizhu, Japanese koto, Korean samulnori and Afro-Latin percussion ensemble.



The University of the Philippines Guitar Orchestra has proudly distinguished itself as the first Guitar Orchestra in the country. Founded in 1982 by Lester Demetillo, a classical guitar professor in the University of the Philippines College of Music and one of the leading classical guitar performers in the Philippines. It was originally called the University of the Philippines Guitar Ensemble. The group changed its name to University of the Philippines Guitar Orchestra in 1997. UPGO is composed of outstanding students majoring in Guitar from the University of the Philippines College of Music. The group boasts of a wide range of repertoire that includes works from the renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, 20th century music periods along with other genres such as flamenco, jazz and popular music. For the past several years the U.P. Guitar Orchestra has performed in such venues around the country and around South East Asia. In 2010 to 2012, UPGO has been among the main guests in the Philippine International Guitar Festival. During the years 2011 and 2012, upon the invitation of the Thailand Guitar Society, the UPGO has performed twice at the Asia International Guitar Festival. In the year 2011, the UPGO also performed in the Korat International Guitar Festival outside of Bangkok.



The Dawani Womens Choir is the first resident all-female choir of the UP College of Music. It was formed in January 2013 through the initiative of its conductor Dr. Beverly Shangkuan-Cheng and a select group of music students, and had its premiere concert on March 8, 2013. With a growing membership base and promising musical potential, the group aims to explore textures and repertoire that will give them a niche of their own in the Philippine choral world.





Founded in 1987, was set up for the apprenticeship and professional training of dance major students in the College of Music, University of the Philippines. It is meant to develop the creativity and technique of student dancers and choreographers as a company. Moreover, it serves the university’s choreographic needs (dance and allied arts, other curricular studies and extension programs) not just in Diliman, but also in other UP campuses nationwide. It also aims to promote dance as a serious form of study and profession, and as a public and communal expression. UPDC complements a main program of the college, the dance degree program: 4 years as diploma, 5 years as baccalaureate.



The UP Symphonic Band is a performance group based at the UP College of Music. It emerges from the laboratory ensemble class of the Winds and Percussions Department and also serves as a training venue for Band Conducting Majors as well as extension service training to young instrumentalists inside the University.



The UP ARCO (Formerly the UP String Chamber Orchestra) has its roots from 1998 during the term of the late Dean Reynaldo T. Paguio. It was conceived to become one of the resident performing groups of the College of Music; in the tradition of the former student orchestras the college had in the previous years. The present UP ARCO started with a core of string students enrolled in the orchestra class under Prof. Edna Marcil “Michi” Martinez in 1998. She was eventually joined by Ms. Chona Noble also from the String’s Department, as co-faculty in charge of the class. In June 1999, the task of leading the orchestra was given to Prof. Wilfredo Pasamba, likewise of the String’s Department, and one of the Philippines’ leading cello players. Together with Prof. Martinez, they honed the talent of the young string players which had a steady membership averaging from 15-20 players. The group included not only string majors but string minors, string players from other colleges and units of UP as well as students from the UP Music Extension Program. The string chamber orchestra then was also a venue for some enthusiasts coming from neighboring communities, who joined rehearsals and performances voluntarily.The group then held several performances inside and outside the University. They have been featured in the College of Music’s “Thursday Concert Series”, The Diliman Arts Month, the OICA (Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts) sponsored concert at the Lagoon, and together with the UP Symphonic Band, constituted the UP Festival Orchestra in 2001; which gave concerts in the UP System Campuses of Diliman, Los Baños and Baguio. This was in line with Anniversary Celebration of the UP College of Music. Today, The UP ARCO has been performing and stands independent from the orchestra class, and is under the directorship and guidance of Prof. Edna Marcil “Michi” Martinez. It is currently composed of Twenty-seven (27) select student artists, all of whom are majors of the Strings and Chamber Music Department. It has performed major string orchestra works of Corelli, Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Mozart, Britten, Grieg, Tchaikowsky, and Elgar. With both the potential of the group and the possibilities which inter-department and or inter-disciplinary collaborations could generate, the UP ARCO has a lot to go for, other than being a class for learning orchestral music.


The UP Junior Philippine Conductors’ Association is the official student organization of conducting majors studying in the UP College of Music. Being a group composed of both seasoned and budding conductors, the goal of the organization is to facilitate the growth and development of members by providing training opportunities and support to produce exceptional and world-class conductors.


The University of the Philippines Voice and Music Theater Guild, also known as UPVMTG fosters an environment for artistic excellence and development of its members and promotes classical music by providing venues for exchange of ideas through musical performance.




JMEG or the Junior Music Educators Guild is a student organization under the Department of Music Education in the College of Music. The organization is notable for spearheading teaching demos for music teachers. JMEG also has a chorale, called the JMEG chorale, which engages in university and national performances.






UPCMu Student Recitalists (AHA) (Free admission)

Nestor John Macorol (Percussion)
November 2014

Michael David Clarisa (Asian Music)
November 14, 2014
1:00 pm

Roberto Sarreal (Composition)
November 12, 2014
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Ricky Jap (Composition)
November 13, 2014
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Raul Roy Lee (Choral Conducting)
November 14, 2014
7:00 pm

Zaren Jedidiah Malitig (Guitar)

Jose Enrico Tuazon (Cello)

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