Dr. David Frances Urrows Shares Insights Into Current Critical Musicology

Dr. David Francis Urrows, visiting scholar from the Department of Music, Hong Kong Baptist University shared his insights on critical musicology, by speaking about two of his recent academic publications on:
(1) the different ideologies between mid-19th critical editions and interpretive (“artistic”) editions and
(2) the mid-19th c American social construction of the image of the 12th c nun and composer Hildegard von Bingen. Part of the music-culture workshop of the PhD music program, the event was meant to broaden the conceptual toolkit of doctoral students and instill in them the appreciation for the vast, interdisciplinary field of musicology, especially its dominant subfield in the West, historical musicology.

A common theme ran through Dr. Urrows’ presentation that summarized his two publications. This was on the notion of the social construction of texts, which has been a current pre-occupation in musicology. It has affinity with critical theory, deconstruction, and post structuralism.

Ms. Lara Mendoza, UP PhD music student, responded to Dr. Urrows presentation, after which a discussion with the audience on various topics ensued. The event was moderated by UP teaching assistant Ma. Edelquinn Sy Beltran.