The Abelardo Hall Auditorium completed on August 24, 1963, the Auditorium of the College of Music was built jointly by the University of the Philippines and the United States Agency for International Development. Its goals were to serve as a recital space for the college students and faculty, and to provide a place for listening to music interpreted by local and visiting artists. The Abelardo Hall Auditorium has an orchestra pit for 45 musicians, is air-conditioned, has a comfortable seating arrangement for 506, and is credited to have one of the best acoustical environments for performances in the country. It provides a convenient venue for recitals, concerts, and theater and dance presentations performed by students, faculty, alumni of the college, as well as visiting artists of national and international stature. It has also provided a perfect setting for numerous symposia, workshops, masterclasses, and seminars handled by acknowledged experts in the field, the field of music and dance.


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