Master of Music Program
From any Bachelor of Music (BM) program to:

Master of Music (MM) in Composition  

A. List of courses to be taken by a prospective Master in Music major in Composition student with a different B.M. major from other institution.

   1. Orchestration
   2. Advanced Orchestration
   3. Advanced Counterpoint
   4. Advanced Harmony
   5. Choral Writing

B. Take the online Graduate Placement Exam (June 4, 2022). Passers will receive an email and a ZOOM link for an audition and interview. During the interview, present a:

   1. Portfolio of compositions written in the last 3 years
   2. Resume of music writing activities in the last 3 years

Submission and inquiry: Prof. Josefino Toledo

Master of Music (MM) in Conducting

A. The applicant must have taken the following subjects:

    1. For choral conducting applicants--At least MuP 80 level in voice and/or piano.
    2. For instrumental conducting applicants--At least MuP 150 level in any wind or string (orchestra) instrument.

B. The applicant must have a minimum grade average of 1.75 in all undergraduate conducting subjects, and a minimum grade average of 2.0 in all allied music subjects—theory, piano/instrument, voice, chorus/ensemble class.

C. Submit the following:

    1. 10 to 15 minutes video recording of conducting performance recorded within the last 3 years.
    2. 10 to 15 minutes video recording of rehearsal with a choir/instrumental ensemble recorded within the last 3 years.
    3. A certification of conductorship/membership in a choir/instrumental ensemble for at least a year.

D. Take the online Graduate Placement Exam (June 4, 2022). Passers will receive an email and a ZOOM link for an audition and interview (July 16, 2022).

Submission and inquiry: Dr. Raul Navarro,

Master of Music (MM) in Musicology

A. 15 units acquired from BM (from the 3- unit courses below) distributed as follows:

   1. MuL 150 - Principles of Musicology

   2. Any 2 of the following courses:

      a. MuL l51 - Selected Readings in Ethnomusicology
      b. MuL 152 – Music Criticism
      c. MuL 197 – Special Topics in Musicology
      d. MuL 198 - Special Problems in Musicology

   3. Any 2 of the following method courses:

      a. MuL 191 - Music Transcription
      b. MuL 192 – Field Methods
      c. MuL 193 – Archiving Methods

B. For transferees from other music schools

   Equivalent courses of the following:
      1. MuL 12 - Music of Southeast Asia and Oceania
      2. MuL 10 - Philippine Music
      3. MuL 13 - World Music Culture

C. Prepare two academic writing samples (average of 15 pages each, double-spaced)

D. Take the online Graduate Placement Exam. Passers will receive an email and a ZOOM link for an audition and interview.

Submission and inquiry, email

Master of Music (MM) in Music Education

I. I. Applicants for the MMMuEd graduate program are required to:

      ➢ Take the online Graduate Placement Exam (June 4, 2022). Passers will receive an email and a ZOOM link for an interview (July 16, 2022)
      ➢ Submit 2 videos of teaching demonstration with lesson plans (due on June 29, 2022)
      ➢ Submit a critique of a journal research article (due on June 29, 2022)

II. The teaching demonstration videos are specified in Table 1. These must be submitted on or before June 29, 2022 by uploading to a google drive folder. Share this folder with the Music Education Department email You need to allow as editor the account. You need to have a google email (Gmail) to be able to do this.

III. III. Given the choices below, choose only one content and prepare lessons for your chosen two grade levels. For example, if you choose Grades 3 and 8 for the levels, and you choose Rondalla for the content, then you should teach Rondalla for both Grades 3 and 8. The choices are as follows:

      ➢ 1. Philippines: Cordillera bamboo music, Maguindanaoan kulintang, Rondalla
      ➢ 2. Asian: Indian Drone, Indonesian Kecak, Thai pin peat
      ➢ 3. Western: rounds, fugues, opera
      ➢ 4. Contemporary: world music rhythms, chance music, soundscape


IV. Please note that the video teaching demonstration will be evaluated using the following criteria and rubrics


V. Make a critique of a music education journal article with a minimum of 700 words. Choose only one (1) among the three (3) articles provided. Submit your critique on or before June 29, 2022 by uploading it to the same google folder where your teaching videos & lesson plans are also uploaded. Label them as FAMILY NAME_Article 1

VI. The 3 articles to choose from shall be emailed to you directly upon request by emailing

VII. You may find a simple guide for writing an article critique here: writing-article-critique

VIII. VII. Your interview by the Music Education Faculty is scheduled on July 16, 2022 Saturday through ZOOM Video Conference. The exact time and zoom meeting link will be emailed to you. ZOOM. Be prepared 30 minutes earlier than your scheduled interview. See Table no. 2 on how to use zoom.


You need to email us directly at if you have any difficulty in using the required platforms or apps mentioned above.

Master of Music (MM) in Instrumental Performance (Piano)

Audition Guidelines for Applicants to AA, BM & MM programs:

   1. The online audition shall be uploaded to the shared Google Drive folder named “Piano Auditions 2022” of the Keyboard Department.

   2. Access as contributor to the shared Google Drive will be granted to those who passed the Theory Placement Exam.

   3. The following files shall be uploaded: 1) a program in Word file containing the name of the applicant, program applied for, composer and complete    title of each work and duration of each piece and 2) video recording of the audition repertoire.

   4. The video recording shall contain a total of 15-30-minute performance of the audition repertoire for undergraduate applicants and a 60-minute    performance for the graduate applicants.

   5. All pieces shall be played from memory.

   6. The order of performance of pieces shall be at the discretion of the applicant.

   7. The raw, unedited video recording with clear sound should show the picture from the viewpoint of the audience, showing the entire body and the keys of the piano.

   8. One video file per requirement is acceptable. In case of a multipartite work (e.g. Suites and Partitas of J. S. Bach or Kinderszenen by Robert    Schumann), one video file for the entire work is necessary. In case of a complete sonata, one video file per movement is acceptable.

Repertoire Requirements for MM:

Entrance requirements for the graduate program consist of the following: a Baroque work, a complete Classical work, a Romantic work and Impressionistic/20th - 21st century work. The audition repertoire should be equivalent to the BM level.

Note: A video recording of audition repertoire played on a keyboard shall be acceptable in case the applicant has no access to a piano.

Master of Music (MM) in Instrumental Performance (Violin, Viola and Guitar)

Applicants for the MM in Instrumental Performance (AY 2022-2023) are required to submit:

A. Violin

1. Video recordings of one (1) J.S. Bach Sonata or Partita for unaccompanied violin and
2. One (1) Sonata*: Brahms, Debussy, Faure, Ravel, Schumann (or a sonata of comparable difficulty) or one (1) Concerto* (fast and slow movements only): Barber, Beethoven, Brahms, Dvořák, Glazunov, Lalo, Mendelssohn, Paganini, Prokofiev, Saint-Saëns, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, Vieuxtemps (or a concerto of comparable difficulty).

B. Viola
1. A video recording of one (1) unaccompanied suite by J.S. Bach (transcribed for viola) or one (1) Sonata*: Brahms, Schubert, Bach; Viola da Gamba Sonatas (or a sonata of comparable difficulty) and
2. Writing samples (at least 2) demonstrating graduate level, discipline-specific proficiency in music research.

C. Guitar
1. A video recording of one (1) Baroque suite (transcribed for guitar) or one (1) long work originally written for classical guitar (Sonata, Theme and Variations, Fantasia, Overtures, etc.)

*can be played without accompaniment

Submission and inquiry, email

Master Of Music in Voice

   1. For UP BM-Voice graduates, continuing to the MM Program

      a. An average grade level of 1.5 or better in the MuP 190 level (obtained within the last two years)
      b. Tick the appropriate box (indicating continuing to MM) in the Voice Examination Form submitted before taking the final examination level of MuP 190.

   2. For UP BM Voice graduates returning more than 2 years after graduating and non-UP applicants: an audition is required.

The following must be prepared. Different styles, periods, moods, and tempi must be reflected:

   1. 1 Opera Aria
   2. 1 Oratorio Aria
   3. 1 German Lied
   4. 1 French Melodie
   5. 1 English art song
   6. 1 Filipino art song

Audition Guidelines

➢All songs must be memorized.
➢Submitted file must not have been sound edited or enhanced
➢The camera or recorder should be placed in a fixed position in front of the applicant, showing full body while looking straight at the camera.
➢The applicant must state his name, age, title of songs, and the respective composers in a very clear manner.
➢Minus one as accompaniment is allowed and singing in acapella is acceptable.
➢The applicant may at his option submit a recording of a past live performance incurred within a year.
➢The applicant should wear his Sunday best in the recording.
➢All files should be submitted via google drive or YouTube link the DVMTD chair.

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