As part of the academic curriculum of the Department of Musicology, access to instruments for students’ practice is provided by the museum. The space features Musikolokya, a regular series of discussions on various music-culture topics. Manuscripts, memorabilia, performances, recital examinations, and audio-video materials are also presented at the museum.

Founded on February 4, 1991 during the deanship of Prof. Juan Ramos, the museum houses ethnic instruments from the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Australia, China and Africa. 

Information for Museum Use (from the Musicology Handbook):

1. Scheduling of kulintang, koto, and gamelan practice

Rooms are allowed for individual or group practice if these rooms are not used during regular teaching hours. Reservations for use must be made a week before the intended practice hours. A form from the Department of Musicology has been provided for this purpose.

2. Borrowing of instruments and equipments

Borrowing of music instruments and audio-visual equipment is allowed only within the premises of the college and only if these are not used by the faculty during class hours and during other Department activities. Borrowers must present a letter of request, indicating the purpose and date of use, to the Dean of the College or to the Department Chair. When this has been approved, a form from the property office will be accomplished.

3. Picture-taking of instruments

Photographing music instruments and recording music performances are generally prohibited as they interfere with the full rights of the performers and indigenous communities which ultimately own the music. Permission, however, is granted in certain circumstances.

4. Eating and Drinking in the Museum of Instruments

To protect the instruments in the museum from roaches and other insects, eating and drinking is strictly prohibited. Besides, the museum is a “public space” and eating food or drinking beverages, done individually or in group (i.e., as a private affair), is offensive to the idea of the general public.

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