Maria Christine Muyco
Professor 5

Composition and Theory Department


Ph.D. Philippine Studies, University of the Philippines, April 2008. Best PhD Dissertation.
Ethnomusicology & Dance Studies (Sandwich/Alternate Study), University of California, Los Angeles, U.S.A. (UCLA) September 2006 - June 2007.
Master of Music in Composition, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, May 1998.
Bachelor of Music (Major: Composition. Minor: Kalinga Music Performance), Cum Laude, University of the Philippines, April 1996.
Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities (Major: Broadcast Communication/Minor: Comparative Literature), University of the Philippines in the Visayas, May 1986.


Rockefeller Foundation, Artist-in-Residency, Bellagio, Italy 2022.
ASIAN Traditional Orchestra (ATO) Commissioning Grant for ASEAN and Korea traditional Orchestra Composition, 2020-2021.
Titus Levi Commission for ‘’Misa-Haya Requiem’’, 2021-2022
Artist II (2021), Artist III (2019), University of the Philippines.
Flora Zarco Gender and Development Award (GAD) 2020, University of the Philippines-College of Music.
Winner: Toy Piano composition “D’wata”, International Toy Music Festival Competition, Korea-Holland 2020.
Phi Kappa Phi awardee for Excellence, 2019.
Fulbright Senior Scholar 2016.
Japan Foundation Asia Center grant award, 2016.
National Book Award finalist, 2017, SIBOD: Ideology and Expressivity in Binanog Dance, Music, and Folkways
of the Panay Bukidnon. Q.C., Philippines. Ateneo de Manila University Press.
University Artist II, Artist Productivity award: University of the Philippines, 2013 and 2015.
URIAN (Philippine Film Critics Circle Awards), 2012 and Cinemalaya, Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), 2011 for Best Musical Score with co-composer Jema Pamintuan for Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa/Dance of the Two Left Feet,
Asian Cultural Council grant, computer music training, UCSD 2010.
Best PhD Dissertation: Sibod in Binanog: Understanding of the Binanog Music-Dance Tradition of the Panay Bukidnon (Philippines), College of Arts and Letters, University of The Philippines, April 2008.
University of British Columbia’s Community Award, September 1996. Cum Laude: Bachelor of Music in Composition, April 1996.
1st Prizes: NAMCYA (National Competitions for Young Artists), Philippines: Composition for Adult Choir, 1995; Composition for Piano, 1994. Winner: Piano Composition Competition, Piano Suite: Misteryo sa Gubat, awarded by Piano Teachers Guild of the Philippines (PTGP), 1992.

Music Compositions:

Paglalayag sa Lawa ng Bellagio, Piano and Violin, (Online concert) International Women’s Month, 2022.
Voices Lost in Industrial Winds, a song cycle (Alawihaw, Construction Workers: Big Birds, Small Birds, Kingkala, Mountain Food), 2022.
Halin sa Liso, for toy piano (U.S. and online) 2022.
Bisikleta-Musika, electroacoustic sound art, Music for 1000 Bicycles, 2021-2022
Pagninilay-nilay for Clavietta (online) 2020
Basala Asya for traditional 55-piece orchestra commissioned by Asian Traditional Orchestra 2021
D’wata for toy piano, Korea 2020.
Alaalang Kundiman for flute, clarinet, and cello, Melbourne, Australia, 2019.
Patawili (music for dance theatre, Patawili) for gong and bamboo instruments, 2019, Philippines.
Pag-uusap habang Bumibilog ang B’wan, for cello and piano (with voice parts), Brussels, Amsterdam, February 2018. Pag’uli sa Duta, for voice, cello, piano, and video/electronics.
Vox Feminae Festival, Tel-Aviv, Israel. April 2017. BuOd II (Core) for Chinese and Western mixed instrument ensemble, Taiwan, 2018.
UP pa rin Ang Aming Awit, UP Theater, UP Diliman, February 2016. Agit-it, for multi-percussion, musical saw and voice, Asian Composers League International Festival and Conference, AquaVerde, Batangas, Philippines, November 2015.
PinqCity, for solo trumpet, Fiuggi, Italy, October 2015.
Patak, for piano selected for 15 Minutes of Fame, juried by the Malaysian Society of Composers for collaborative projects for film. Kyoto, Japan, July 2015.
Paka, for electronic music, UNYAZI Music Festival, Johannes, South Africa, September 2014.
¬IkoToki, for Jeepney Orchestra, February 2014. Pagpipiko for rondalla, Philippine Rondalla Festival, February 12, 13, 14, 15, 2014.
Talibun-ag (Empowerment) for chamber opera, Hanoi, Vietnam, October 2014.
BaradBad for Chinese Ensemble, ACL Conference and Festival, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2012.
Ti(nag)hoy for choir, Bartok International Choral Competition, Hungary, 2012.
Ang Paghabyug sang Pendulum for large choir and percussions, Asian Composers League, Taiwan, 2011, etc.


(Paglayag sa Lawa ng Bellagio/Cruising Bellagio Lake) for Piano and Violin

(Bakas-Saysay/Past Narratives), electronic music-mix, Manila Community Radio, October 2022


(Halin sa Liso/Seed-Origin) for toy piano
scroll on 13’27

(D'wata/She-light) for toy piano

Aking Ama/My father (voices)

(Paka’/frogs) electronic music

(Pag-uli sa Duta/Homing to Land) for cello, piano, voice, and video

(Paninilay-nilay/Ponderings) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyYP4QDSrUU

(Alaalang Kundiman/Memories of an art song)

(Pagpipiko/Playing Hopscotch) for rondalla

(Orde-e for ASEAN orchestra)

(Passage to Kublo) for orchestra

Professional memberships:

Bayi’ Philippine Women Composers (President and Founder).
Balay Patawili, Inc. (President and Founder)-NGO for Cultural Initiatives of Panay indigenous groups.
Donne in Musica (Women in Music, Italy)--International Honour Committee Member). Musicological Society of the Philippines (Member. Asian Composers League, Philippines. Member, 2010-2015 Chairperson). National Research Council of the Philippines (Member).

Ideology and expressivity in Panay indigenous dance, music, and folkways; extending the ideology research to other Philippine and Southeast Asian cultures.
Connecting indigenous knowledge to institutions; support ancestral land domain.


"Indigenous Spirituality and Christianity: Rites, Music, and Crises among Panay Natives". Filipinas Journal, vol. 4. Philippine Studies Association, 2021.
“Module 12”, ”Module 13”, and “Module 15”. Modules for K-12: Indigenized and Contextualized Modules for K-12 Integrating Panay Culture. NCCA, 2021.
“Ang Limog sa Sugidanon”. Mga Pag-aaral sa Epikong Bayan ng Filipinas: Tradisyon, Lipunan, Inobasyon. NCCA, 2020.

• “Ginggala: The Tai Yai’s Divine Gift Through Music and Dance” (with co-author: Khanithep Pitupumnak, Phd, Chiangmai University, Thailand). Perspectives in the Arts and Humanities in Asia, no. 1, vol. 9. Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2019. “Hearing Ginhawa In-and-Out and Across Cultures”. In Danyag. Philippine Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, issue no. 2, volume 22. OVCRE, UP Visayas, 2019. “Composition” (updated previous article of Ramon Santos). 2018. In CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Arts, vol. 6 Music. Cultural Center of the Philippines publication. (As editor) Salampati, book of choral pieces arranged by Ruben Federizon, 2018, National Commission for Culture and the Arts. (As author) “Constructs from Living Cultures: Creating and (Re)sourcing Composition on the Cloud.” In Music and Performing Arts Journal, vol. 2, Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Burapha University, Thailand, 2016. SIBOD: Ideology and Expressivity in Binanog Dance, Music, and Folkways of the Panay Bukidnon. Q.C., Philippines. Ateneo de Manila University Press, April 2016. “Binukot and Nabukot: From Myth to Practice”. In Humanities Diliman Journal, vol. 14, no. 1, July-December 2016, Q.C., Philippines: U.P. Press. Mumunting Tinig, New Works for Children’s Choral Pieces, National Commission for Culture and the Arts publication, November 2015. “Santú: Synchronizing Speech Rhythm with the Gong and Bamboo Instruments and Dance of Panay Bukidnons.” In Musika Jornal (9). Manila: University of the Philippines Press, March 2014. “As Healers Dance: A Processual View of Panay Bukidnons’ Babaylan in Motion.” In Back from the Crocodiles Belly. Sta. Rosa, California, U.S.A.: Center for Babaylan Studies, 2013. “Space Constitutions in Panay Bukidnon's Music and Dance.” In Sound and Movement, International Conference of Traditional Music (ICTM) Conference Proceedings, June 2013. “Mangalimog Ako: Finding One’s Voice in Sugidanon (Epic Chanting).” In Songs of Memory in Islands of Southeast Asia, ed. by Nicole Revel. UK: Cambridge Scholars Press, April, 2011. Kurubingbing Kurubawbaw: A Children’s Operetta/Musical Drama. Musical score. Q.C. Philippines: Nall Marketing Press, March 2009. “(Re)Opening a Cultural Memory: The Bamboo Instruments of the Panay Bukidnons.” In Humanities Diliman, vol. 5, Nos. 1 and 2, January to December 2008. Q.C., Philippines: UP Press, March 2009. “Gendering Rhythm in Binanog: Panay Bukidnon’s Categories of Sound and Motion.” In UP Musika Jornal. UP Press, February 2009. “Learning from the Women of Panay Bukidnons: Task-Building as Empowerment in Music, Dance and Other Artforms.” In Acts of the World Music Forum, Los Angeles 2005: Music, Cultural Rights, and Social Change, edited by Fondazione Adkins-Chiti, Quaderno 4. International Music Council, UNESCO and Donne in Musica, Italy, 2007. Tugtog-Likha-Tugtog, compositions for piano. Book with CD. National Commission for Culture and the Arts, etc.

Discography : Audio CD. Music of the ATA/ATI of Boracay in their Struggle for Land and Celebration of Life. University of the Philippines- Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development. 2017. Guhit-Tugtugin at Likhain (Piano Sketches and Creations). Audio CD. Producer: Lily Anne Perez, Sienna Digital Productions, 2010. Birthings from Liminal Spaces. Audio Cd: Computer Music Compositions, 2005. Tayuyon: The Music of the Panay Bukidnon, Western Visayas, Philippines. Audio CD: Funded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). Field Recordings, 2009. GA SIBOD DAI-A! Music and Dance of the Panay Bukidnon. Documentary film. University of the Philippines Office of the Vice President Academic Affairs (UP-OVPAA) Creative Grant, 2009. “Tula ni Oriang” (voice and nose flute; music set to the text of Gregoria de Jesus’ poem “Tula ni Oriang”). Audio Cd: Pluma. Crossroads, Inc., 1998.

Community Service:

Free training/lectures for Indigenous Peoples Education (IPed), Iloilo and Capiz, 2021-2022. Led the project on “IP-Scholars Collaborative Module-and-Material Making” for the Panay Bukidnon and Ati of Panay, August 2018-March 2019. Chairperson, Traditional Music Category, NAMCYA 2019 and 2020. Local Government of Capiz. “Workshop on Festival Music”, April 2019. Assisted annual grant writing of Panay Bukidnon communities of Panay to NCCA to sustain their School of Living Traditions in Central Philippines, 2014-2016. Creative workshops with Ata communities of Boracay, Aklan to recall their traditional songs and create new ones, 2010-2015. Assisted the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Region VI in documentation of Ata Songs for their issuance of Certificate of Ancestral Land Domain Title (CADTI). Obtained sponsorships to purchase tidal (weaving looms) for eight barangays of Tapaz, Capiz and Calinog, Iloilo, 2014-2015. This helped the Panay Bukidnon in their livelihood generating projects. Organized training of weaving among the eight barangays of Tapaz, Capiz and Calinog, Iloilo, 2014-2015. Assisted Panay Bukidnon in their livelihood generating projects through panubok (embroidery). Organized training of weaving among the eight barangays of Tapaz, Capiz and Calinog, Iloilo, 2014-2015.

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