Admissions Online Calendar
For AY 2021-2022

As precaution against the spread of COVID-19, the submission of application, the Music Theory and Solfege Exams, as well as the Talent Auditions for CMu Admission 2021 will all be done online.

May 31, 2021: Deadline for Online Application via OCS (Click here for Application form )
May 14, 2021: Release of Test Permits with UVLE password and ID Batch 1
June 2, 2021: Release of Test Permits with UVLE password and ID Batch 2
June 5, 2021: Online Mock Exam
June 26, 2021: Online Music Theory Exam
June 27, 2021: Online Solfege Exam
June 30, 2021: Release of Theory and Solfege Exam Results
July 5-6, 2021: Uploading of Audition Videos to Google Drive
Click here for Audition Requirements from each department.
July 7-9, 2021: Department Auditions/Deliberations
July 19, 2021: Release of Admission Results

You may also check for updates or send queries via the Facebook page UPCMu-OCS or email to musicocs.upd@up.edu.ph

Associate in Arts (Music) or AA (Music) is a 2-year course of study with the following areas of concentration: Composition, Conducting, Dance, Music Education, Musicology, Music Performance (Voice), or Music Performance (Instruments: Asian Instruments, Percussion, Piano, Strings, or Winds). Students admitted in this program may proceed to the BM program upon completion of the requirements of the AA (Music) program and passing the audition of the BM program.

Bachelor of Music or BM is a 4-year course of study with a wide coverage providing a well-rounded preparation for a career in music. Major areas include Composition, Conducting (Band, Choral, or Orchestral), Dance, Instruments (Percussion, Strings, or Winds), Music Education, Musicology, Piano, and Voice.

Application to Bachelor of Music degree is open only to the following applicants: freshmen who have been accepted by the AY 2021-2022 Admissions Online https://upadmissionsonline.up.edu.ph/, shiftees or transferees from UP constituent universities who have earned a minimum of 30 academic units and a GWA of at least 2.5, transferees from non-UP colleges/universities who have earned a minimum of 33 academic units and a GWA of at least 2.0, and bachelor’s degree holders.

Applicants who don’t meet any of the above criteria may apply to the AA (Music) program.


*All applicants to the college are required to take the following: Music Theory Exam, Solfege Exam, and Talent Determination Test for their intended field of study (See for Audition requirements.)

*Grade 12 graduates who qualified in the 2021 UP Admissions must take and pass the theory, solfege, and talent tests as scheduled below to enter the BM program. Applicants to the AA program need not pass the 2021 UP Admissions but need to pass the theory, sight-reading and talent test.

*A passing score in the TOEFL is required of all foreign applicants whose native language is not English or who do not come from schools where the medium of instruction is English.

Who May Apply

How to Apply

1. Accomplish and submit the online application form: click here

2. Wait for your Test Permit and UVLE username and password to be emailed to you on:

- May 14 – for applications received by OCS from March 15 to April 30 or
- June 2 – for applications received by OCS from May 1-31

3. Take the Trial Music Theory Exam on June 5, Saturday. ONLINE MODE ONLY. Exam will start at 9:00 AM.

4. Take the Music Theory Exam on June 26, Saturday. ONLINE MODE ONLY. Exam will start at 9:00 AM.

5. Take the Solfege Exam on June 27, Sunday. ONLINE MODE ONLY. Exam will start at 9:00 AM.

- Music Theory and Solfege Exams results will be posted on this website at 4:00 PM on 30 June 2021, Wednesday. Successful applicants will also be notified via email.
- Only students who pass the Music Theory and Solfege Exams can take the Talent Determination Test. See Audition Requirements

6. Submit your audition video. Follow department instructions. ONLINE ONLY; last day: 6 July 2021, Tuesday.

- Names of admitted students for the 1st Semester of AY 2021-2022 will be posted on this website at 10:00 AM on 19 July 2021, Wednesday.
- If you are admitted, the Office of the College Secretary will email you the list of Admission Requirements. Submit your admission requirements on or before the deadline. (Deadline to be announced)
- Newly admitted students may be required to take a Psycho-Social Test. (Schedule to be announced)


Printable Admission Information:
Application form: https://forms.gle/UmDw7XfQwdycJ7Ta8
Audition Requirements (webpage): https://music.upd.edu.ph/requirements.html
Printable Audition Requirements:
UPCMu OCS email address: musicocs.upd@up.edu.ph
UPCMu OCS social media page (FB):https://www.facebook.com/UPCMu-OCS-178670982959172/

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