Associate in Arts (Music) or AA (Music)

Instituted in 2019 compliant with the Philippine Qualifications Framework Act, the Associate in Arts (Music) is a two-year course of study with the following areas of concentration: Composition, Conducting, Dance, Music Education, Musicology, Music Performance (Voice), or Music Performance (Instruments: Asian Instruments, Percussion, Piano, Strings, or Winds). Students admitted in this program may proceed to the BM program upon completion of the requirements of the AA (Music) program and passing the audition of the BM program. The AA (Music) aims to replace the certificate and diploma programs of the college.

MuP 194 AA Output

Bachelor of Music (BM)

A four-year course of study with a wider coverage providing a well-rounded preparation, i.e., including General (GE) courses for a career in music. The BM major areas include composition, conducting (band, choral and orchestral), dance, instruments (strings, winds and percussion), music education, musicology, piano, and voice.

The program provides a solid foundation for a professional career in music revolving around a core of applied and theoretical subjects. The Bachelor of Music was first offered as a two-year course (beyond the Teacher’s Diploma) in 1930, a four-year course in 1949, and a five-year course in 1959 due to the inclusion of the GE curriculum instituted by the University. From 1959 until 2019, the BM program was offered as a five-year program. In 2019, for incoming qualified students, the five-year program was reduced to four years as a result of the K+12 educational reform.

There are three requirements for admission: a) passing the UPCAT, b) passing the music theory examinations, and c) passing the talent audition. The student may major in instruments (bowed instruments [violin, viola, cello, contrabass], classical guitar, and winds and percussion), piano, voice, composition, conducting (band, choral, and orchestral), dance, musicology, and music education. The GE component consists of forty five (45) units for the BM five-year program (pre-2019) and twenty four (24) units for the four-year program for students admitted in 2019. Public recitals are required for composition, conducting, and performance majors. Music education majors are required to present a special project in public while musicology majors submit a substantial research paper.

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